Store your recipes in one place

Rather than having recipes floating around on bits of paper, buried in last year's emails, bookmarked on the web or hidden in hefty recipe books, you can store all your recipes in one place.

Particularly useful if you move country or are just plain forgetful.


Follow others to find recipes you trust

There’s no shortage of recipe sites, but it’s hard to find good recipes. We all have different tastes, but you'll trust your friend's blueberry banana cake recipe if you know they’re an awesome baker. And if there's a recipe you like, you can see a feed of that cook's recipes.


Grab recipes and make them your own

When you find a recipe you like, you can ‘grab’ it and add it to your collection. You’ll then have your own copy which you can change as much as you like - add twice as much chocolate sauce, switch the chicken for duck, or cut out the meat to make it vegetarian.